Smiling Sheep Farm is a small family farm located in Milton, NH.
We raise registered white and natural colored Romney sheep.
We have fleece, roving, breeding stock and meat products.  


Our idea of the perfect romney is an animal that stands
on a large column of correct bone, is well muscled with depth and

produces a desirable fleece.  We emphasize the breed

characteristics of a black nose, short ear, black hooves, and

a thick muzzle.  After all, these characteristics set

Romneys apart from other dual breeds.  We

desire ewes that have strong maternal instincts and give

birth to multiples,  Rams are masculine and well tempered. 

The lambs are hardy and attain market weight quickly.    


To produce outstanding Romneys that we can be proud of. 


We are committed to preserving the Romney sheep breed character.

We will focus on the ewes mothering capabilities.

We will develop Romneys that work in the show ring and in production.

We will support the youth of the industry.

We will respect and help all sheep producers to succeed.

We will have fun!


We met showing sheep in 4-H when we were 16 years old.  After
 first going to North Dakota State University, where we
were blessed to work with Wes Limesand, and then to Iowa State University to finish up our graduate education we came back to the northeast.  Where we started a family and got settled in.  Then it was time to get back to our origins and start a flock together.  Which breed, that was more difficult.  We wanted a breed that wasn't overproduced and was calm for the kids.  Hilary knew of Romneys from her years in 4-H.  Her experience was that they were sturdy calm sheep, with lambs that hit the ground running.  After doing some research we settled on starting a flock with ewes from the Southern Oregon Romneys breeding stock.  The name of our farm acts as a reminder that one of our goals is to have fun.   

Contact Information
Hilary and Wes Chapin
Milton, NH


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