Breeding Program

Breeding Rams

"Hoss" (SORB 155 born 1-25-2011) is our first step into the recessive gene pool.  He is a "Self" by color designation.  He is a fast growing ram with great character to his breed and his wool.  We look forward to his lambs this spring.



Morton 0022 used in recent past

Romney Ewe Flock:  We want Romney's that have body capacity, are good mothers that produce lambs that are vigorous and are good meat lambs.  We also want these Romney's to do well in the show ring.  We also want these ewes to maintain themselves on grass.  Seems like a tall order.  After researching the breeders around the country we feel we have found seedstock that will help us attain our goals.  Now a couple generations into it, most of the ewes we breed will be of our own breeding.


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